News From The Crow's Nest

Summer Burn September 07 2016

The Summer's roast is nearing it's end.

Record Highs with PYC.

Fine Plunder smuggled back to the Ship.

High Adventure to tell a tale or two.

One Hand for the Ship, one Hand for Ye Self.


On Watch,

-Master Chief Pirate

The Thaw March 11 2016

Treachery be in our winters and now spring be in our step. 

We be Gearing up to take on new Territories in 2016!

Pirates at Large are now joining PYC with a size of 4XL.

New option zippers on our hoodies are available.

We now have a Crew of over 26,000 following our work on Facebook!

Alliances with & have also been made.

Let it be known;  We take No Prisoners!   


-Master Chief Pirate

Summers Deep July 27 2015

Ahoy me Laddies!

Pirate's Yacht Club has entered deeper Waters this summer offering Wholesale Opportunities.  Now you can run your own Flag Ship and turn a Coin with us.

We aRe also hiring Shipboard Sales Reps throughout the uncharted waters of the Americas.

PYC has new offerings of Tank Top in 3 different colors, T-Shirts in 6 different colors, and Long Sleeves in 3 different colors.

There be also new Stickers and other fine treasures to be found in the Gear Locker!

Stay on this channel for the latest and greatest from Pirate's Yacht Club.

~Master Chief Pirate 


It be getting cold out November 18 2014

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle Rum!

Pirate's Yacht Club road crew Kicked CutlAss this year attending many Salty events.  By sure to be on the Lookout next year for more sightings of the Black Flag!

Our Fall lineup now includes Long Sleeves and continued offering of our hot selling Hooded Sweatshirts!  Go get your Pirate on!

Pirate's Yacht Club is now offering a chance for YOU to make money with our Affiliate Marketing Program making 20% Commission!  

Visit this here link for more info:


Master Chief Pirate..... Out!

Pirate's Yacht Club New 2014 Loot! May 23 2014

Attention on Deck!

Today we bring you the finest treasures from our 2014 lineup thus far.

We now offer Colors of the Black & Blue type to match your bruises from last nights tavern brawl.

Hooded Sweatshirts for the Cold Nights at Sea.

And Pictures and Tunes to feast yer eyes and ears on.

Enjoy your time in Port.


-Master Chief Pirate 

Pirate's Yacht Club New Website April 05 2014

Ahoy me Lads!  Pirate's Yacht Club Clothing Co. has opened their newest website to date adding a much more streamline version to avoid any Chime-Dancing.  Full Speed Ahead from this point on!  Stand by for PYC's 2014 New Clothing Line Up!


-Master Chief Pirate

New Website Now - New Products Soon February 12 2014

Pirate's Yacht Club is not your average apparel company. And this is not your average website. We're proud to unveil our latest upgrade, bringing you a secure and simple way to plunder PYC's loot. And speaking of booty, we're working on new designs to be unveiled soon. Pirate's Yacht Club is from the American Main; We've got Salt in our Blood, and Rebellion in Our Bones. If you're a Coastie, a Captain, a Jack Tar, or even a Lubber, join our Brethren of the Coast and fly your Pirate Flag high.

- Master Chief Pirate